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Babe Ruth League, Inc.

The fastest growing youth sports organization in North America.

Why Affiliate with Babe Ruth League?

Babe Ruth League serves over 1 million players from ages 4-18 in Babe Ruth Baseball, Cal Ripken Baseball, Babe Ruth Softball. The Babe Ruth Buddy Ball Division encompasses players ages 4-20.

Below are just a few of the ways affiliating with Babe Ruth League Baseball and Softball can benefit your community or organization.

  • The annual charter fee is only $15-$25 per team, which is less than 1 percent of the yearly budget for most Babe Ruth affiliated leagues.
  • Chartering with Babe Ruth League normally takes less than two weeks is easy.
  • World Series Tournaments are played in seven divisions of baseball and two divisions of softball. Five additional tournaments advance to the Regional level. 10 communities will advance to every Babe Ruth World Series. We also have three National Invitational Tournaments in softball to showcase our players to collage coaches.
  • Babe Ruth League baseball and softball are played in more than 6 countries, and all 50 U.S. states. This year, seven Cal Ripken Baseball games of the Cal Ripken Major 70 will be televised nationally on "VS."
  • For teams at each of the Nine World Series tournaments, team travel expenses are paid by Babe Ruth League from a major airport. In addition, Babe Ruth League, Inc. does not charge local leagues to participate in our tournament trails.
  • Babe Ruth League, Inc.'s approved accident insurance* is PRIMARY COVERAGE-not secondary. Babe Ruth League, Inc. insurance programs cover leagues and teams for up to 12 months (if they obtain their coverage annually by February 1st); and local leagues will not have to purchase additional insurance for Fall Ball, Winter Programs or when they participate in tournaments outside of Babe Ruth League.
  • Babe Ruth League, Inc.'s approved commercial general liability* offers both a $1 million and a $2 million plan. This liability coverage has a large aggregate, so leagues with fields that are required to carry more than $1 million are covered under the $1 million plan. This coverage is for up to 12 months (if obtained annual by February 1st).
  • Directors and Officers liability insurance* is available for purchase for those leagues who obtain both the Babe Ruth League, Inc. offered accident and liability insurance policies.
  • Each league receives a free Babe Ruth League rule book for each team chartered. Babe Ruth League also supplies free materials for establishing a constitution, by-laws, committees, etc.
  • Babe Ruth League has two full-time commissioners who will help with rules interpretations which can easily be contacted by phone or e-mail.
  • Umpire registration with the National Umpire Association. Becoming a member can open the door to umpire Babe Ruth League Tournaments up to and including a World Series.
  • Babe Ruth League - through our Region, State and District Commissioners-offers clinics and seminars at various locations around the country each year for league officers, managers, coaches, and umpires.
  • Babe Ruth Online - offers web hosting and administrative tools available to member leagues at a very reasonable cost.
  • Babe Ruth League surveys local leagues for input for possible rule changes. Survey results are tabulated at Headquarters and presented to the International Board of Directors Rules Committee for consideration at the annual Board of Directors Meeting.
  • Babe Ruth League has a Buddy Ball Division for players with special needs, giving every child a chance to be a player.
  • Your boundaries are protected so your program cannot be "raided" by another Babe Ruth program.

* All Babe Ruth League, Inc. insurance programs are solicited and administered by K&K Insurance.

Margie Wright
Head Coach
Fresno State Women's Softball
Cal Ripken, Jr.
National Baseball Hall of Fame
Bud Selig
Major League Baseball

If you are interested in taking advantage of these benefits, just make your request online or print out a form to fill out and return it to us via fax or mail. We'll rush the information to you on how your baseball and/or softball league can become a Babe Ruth League affiliate!

Contact Our International Headquarters toll-free: 1-800-880-3142.

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