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With over 60 years of history and camaraderie, the Babe Ruth League program has changed the lives of millions of youngWagoner athletes. Babe Ruth League graduates succeed in every corner of the country...in fact, the world.  While some alumni have achieved particular distinction in the sports field, many have achieved success by getting an education, pursuing a career, raising a family or supporting the community.

The Babe Ruth League Alumni Association is strictly volunteer-driven.  We make the decision to volunteer many hours of our busy lives to the Alumni Association because we know how important it is the Babe Ruth League program be available to all youth for generations to come. 

I had no idea what to expect when I began volunteering for Babe Ruth League in 1962, serving as a coach while I was still in high school.  After I returned from serving our country in the US Marine Corps during the Viet Nam War, I took on the role of League President for the local Babe Ruth program.  I later went on to serve as a District and Assistant State Commissioner.  In 1984, I was elected Arkansas State Commissioner, a position I held until being elected Southwest Regional Commissioner and an automatic member of the International Babe Ruth League Board of Directors.  In 2007, I was elected Chairman of the International Board, a position I still hold today. 

I admit it (and as my wife Edna will attest), my life revolves around the Babe Ruth League program.  They didn't have to ask me twice to take on the role of Chairman of the Alumni Association.  Give me an opening, and I will brag about the program morning, noon and night.  Need someone to accompany you to a Babe Ruth function, and I will quickly pack my bag and be there.

Why?  Because when you join the Babe Ruth team, love and pride for the program instantly takes over.  Before you know it, four decades have passed and you are still as excited about the milestones and achievements reached as you were the first day you became part of the Babe Ruth family.  From the warmth and generosity extended to you by the many volunteers you meet along the Babe Ruth trail to the looks on the faces of the thousands of kids whose lives you have helped change for the better; well that's why.

Youth baseball and softball are excellent avenues by which to teach the game of life.  Over the years I have had the privilege of seeing thousands of kids graduate from the Babe Ruth program to go on to lead happy and productive lives.  Many have kept their connection with the program by returning as a volunteer, enrolling their own kids and in so many other ways.  This is what the Babe Ruth program is all about. 

Helping to shape a child's life can be priceless. It is with great joy that I encourage all of you to stay connected by joining the Babe Ruth League Alumni Association. 

I look forward to having you join the Alumni Association and am honored to serve as Chairman of Babe Ruth League, Inc. and the Alunmni Association.

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