Devlin Receives National Award

Dennis Devlin of Washougal, Washington, was awarded the 2013 "Lefty Gomez Volunteer of the Year Award."  Babe Ruth League established this award in honor of the late Lefty Gomez, who served as a member of the Babe Ruth League Board of Directors for 25DennisDevlin years, and who was extremely fond of the many volunteers in the program who gave of their time and resources to ensure a wholesome experience for the participants. This award is the highest honor to be bestowed upon a volunteer in the Babe Ruth program.

Dennis has been involved in Babe Ruth Baseball since 1991 where he began as a player.  In 1994, he began his coaching career where he had the pleasure of coaching his younger brother for three years before leaving baseball to start a family.

Devlin has been serving as a manager and coach for the Camas/Washougal Babe Ruth League for the past seven years.  He believes in his community and leading by example when it comes to sportsmanship, hard work, and in being a good citizen.

Professionally, Dennis has served as a police officer for Vancouver, Washington, for the past ten years, the same community where he grew up.

Earlier this year, Dennis and his fellow officers, Tom Topaum and Brian Viles, were the first to respond to a 911 call for an apartment fire.  After learning there was a person possibly trapped inside, the officers knocked down the apartment door, even though they were not wearing any gear to protect them.

The residence was full of thick smoke and they could see flames.  Dennis got a fire extinguisher from his vehicle and sprayed the flames so they could have better access. He and Topaum then got on their hands and knees and tried to find the person trapped inside - 66-year-old Karen Kimberling.  Viles got a gas mask from his patrol vehicle and entered the residence. 

With the help of Devlin and Topaum, Viles pulled Kimberling out, just as the fire erupted and consumed the entire apartment.  Firefighters and medical personnel soon arrived and took Kimberling to the hospital.  Although Kimberling was alive due to the officers' bravery and selflessness, she died later that day.

Dennis Devlin is an exceptional human being and one of Babe Ruth League's unsung heroes who deserves to be acknowledged for the countless hours he has spent serving his community and the Babe Ruth League progrm.  Whether is is for his players, his family, or putting his life on the line for someone else's family, Dennis always goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Dennis has been married for 19 years.  He and his wife have two sons, 17 ad 19-years-old.