During the course of Babe Ruth League's 60+ year history, millions of kids have been positively affected by the program.  While many have achieved particular distinction in fields such as sports, business or entertainment, the average alumnus/friend may not be famous.  Most have achieved success by getting an education, raising a family, serving their country or supporting their community.

Read about some of our notable alumni who were influenced by their hometown Babe Ruth leagues.

Spencer Levin

Spencer Levin


Rhonda Fleming

Jordan Hope
Michael Jordan Bob Hope
Hunter Manning
Torii Hunter Peyton Manning
Pedroia Ripken
Dustin Pedroia Cal Ripken, Jr.
Rollins Ryan
Jimmy Rollins Nolan Ryan
Savage Selleck
John Savage Tom Selleck
Springsteen Swaim
Bruce Springsteen Alan Swaim
Mike Trout