How Can You Help the Babe Ruth League Alumni Association

The Babe Ruth Alumni Association is a non-profit organization that relies on the commitment of supporters.  In addition to financial donations, we greatly appreciate those who are willing to donate their time and resources.

Areas of volunteer need include:

  • Serving as a coach, manager, scorekeeper, league official, concession stand worker, or helping with field maintenance.
  • Volunteering as a Commissioner at the district, state, or regional level.

Donating your time and resources to assist with:

  • Conducting a free clinic teaching the basic skills of the games of baseball and softball
  • Offering Special Projects - by exposing youth to different activities and life skills in a fun environment, you can help them enrich their lives and develolp into well-rounded adults.  Examples:  Workshop teaching the values of sportsmanship, teamwork and other valuable life lessons; projects that teach cooking, nutrition, mechanics, dancing/ theater arts, painting, health & Hygiene, etc.  Use your unique skills and imagination! 
  • Serving on an Alumni Association Committee
  • Helping increase membership in the Alumni Association
  • Technological Support

For the name of a league and contact in your area or to donate your time and resources, please get in touch with Theresa Cleary via email at or via phone at 609-278-2308. 

At its heart, this is a campaign for Babe Ruth League participants - to enable the next generation, and all of the succeeding generations to realize their full potential as individuals, to sustain their families, advance their professions, and contribute to our country's strength.  It is also a campaign to enable Babe Ruth League to realize its full potential as an organization to enhance the quality of life for all youth.

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