Jimmy Rollins Always Swings for the Fence with his Charitable Work

Phillies players are known for their charitable work and Jimmy Rollins is no exception.  Rollins is a graduate of the Oakland, California Babe Ruth League and currently plays shortstop for the Philadelphia Phillies.

Rollins and his wife Johari recently partnered with Saint Francis Veterinary Center to launch a state-of-the-art rehabilitation center for animals in Philadelphia.

The Rollins Center for Animal Rehabilitation offers animals many of the same cutting-edge modalities often used by humans, including those utilizied by professional athletes like Jimmy Rollins.  The Rollins Center will assist patients with post-surgical recovery; JimmyRollinsDogsprevention of further injury; recovery and healing of muscle strains, ligament ruptures, joint sprains and bone fractures; assuaging of patient anxiety or stress; reduction of muscle tightness or spasm; management of chronic conditions including arthrities and degenerative disease; promotion of flexibility and range of motion; weight management; and other beneficial therapies.

Jimmy and Johari have trusted the doctors at Saint Francis with the health of their dogs for some time, and they are excited to play a role in enhancing the lives of animals in need whil setting the standard for animal physical welfare across the country.

The Rollins Center is led by two veterinarians trained at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Carolina K. Garzotto, VMD, DACVS, CCRT; and Dr. Mark Newkirk, BS, MS, VMD.

Rollins is also very involved in raising moneyand awareness for children with arthritis.  The Rollins Family Foundation hosts an annual Celebrity BaseBOWL bowling tournament with the proceeds benefitting children suffering from arthritic conditions.  Many of Rollins' Phillies teammates attend the event.  In addition to the money raised from the games, Rollins conducts a silent auction consisting of Phillies jerseys, memorabilia and other collectors items. 

People don't think too often about arthritis affecting kids under the age of 16, but it does.  Imagine having to wake up on a weekend and not being able to play baseball or another sport, or not being able to run around with your friends.

Being a new dad has changed Rollins' perspective on a lot of things; especially about children having problems of any sort and feeling for them.   He says not everyone is blessed with a healthy child, free of any worry, and its home home a lot more when you imagine that it could be your child.