Friendships Made During the Ohio Valley Regional Tournament Trail

Baseball and Softball have always been activities that bring youth together.  The games provide an environment for youth to learn the basic skills of the game, cultivate life-long friendships, learn about teamwork and respect, foster a great sense of community, and develop life-long habits for success - all while having fun!

From the smallest country town to the biggest city, you'll find kids having fun participating in Babe Ruth League.  Oh these wonderful games that have dads, moms, sons and daughters growing togethr as they spend quality time around a quality message that produces quality lives.  On these wonderful games that have friends, neighbors and everyone in the community building on their relationships while participating as a player, volunteer or a spectator.

An extra bonus to participating in the Babe Ruth program is the postseason tournament trail.  During this time, players are afforded the opportunity to play against better competition, experience a cultural exchange, and meet new people from faraway places. 

During the past two seasons, Babe Ruthplayers from Geneseo, Illinois and Schererville, Indiana, have gotten to know each otherSchererville1 pretty well, having been paired together the Ohio Valley Regional Tournament.   Needless to say, many friendships have been forged.

During last year's tournament in Somerset, Kentucky, the coaches from these two teams discussed how they could get together during the regular season.  Geneseo coaches Jason Rice and Guy Pauley told the Schererville Coaches, Dan Bosold and Ave Lopez, about the great baseball facilities in Geneseo, and the idea began to take shapre.

During a weekend in May, Geneseo played host to a an event that included their Schereville friends and two local travel teams..  Both Geneseo and Schereville played each other twice and then each team played two local Quad Cities area travel teams once each for a four game series.  However, the highlight of the event had nothing to do with baseball, but more to do with getting together with their friends from the Ohio Valley Regional Tournament.

To show their appreciation for Schereville traveling 2.5 hours to play at their facility, the Geneseo families hosted a picnic dinner for the Schereville families between games.  The event was a great example of sportsmanship and  friendship in the community known as Babe Ruth Baseball.